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Finding solutions for your problems
For us the repair work is not just about finding the fault and fixing it, it is about quality parts that are made to last long.

A few words
Since 2000, our work ethic principle of taking care of customers first, then computers has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients in Laredo City, the majority of whom have since become our recurring customers. We treat each single computer issue or project as if it were our own, which results in the efficient outcome and reasonable pricing fee (as we finish everything ahead of the schedule, and not lagging behind it).

Do you need a Computer repair?
We’re a 24/7, Cost Efficient Tech Repair Services for You!

Our Services
There is a lot going on inside of your PC, and from time to time, things may stop working the way they should. Maybe your machine is running slow. Maybe your computer suddenly doesn't even power on. The possibilities of what can go wrong with PCs are endless, and it may be hard to know what exactly needs to be done to fix your issue. Luckily,  Once we have diagnosed your device, we will provide a detailed repair quote, and it's up to you to decide to have any repair performed.

We know how often it is inconvenient to bring your computer devices to us. That’s why we can visit you at home or office.

At the specified time you get your computer device back – all nice and fixed! We are sure you'll love the outcome!

We provide premium web design service.
We develop high impact web pages.
Tailor-made solutions and personalized
design for each client.

We will get your computer machine fixed, and in addition to that, we provide a 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

We offer PC diagnostic services, so that you’ll know just what your computer needs to get healthy again. We fixi cracked screens, but we get our satisfaction from helping out folks who lost their connection to the outside world. No matter what brand of computer, PC or laptop you have or repair it needs, you can be assured your repair is being done fast and professionally. We do everything quickly, affordably and correctly so that you can get back to business.


Computer Technician duties and responsibilities:

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   Laredo,  TX.  78041

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